The Journey of a Lifetime begins with a small step…

View from Hotel in Colombo

View from Hotel in Colombo

Sunset over Saudi Arabia

Sunset over Saudi Arabia

For Daman and myself the small step involved boarding a Virgin Atlantic flight on Friday evening. During the trip many thoughts ran through my mind. I find that air travel gives me the space I need to really evaluate and take time to think.

As we were flying along I couldn’t help but think about all of the places we were passing over along the way. Daman was kind enough to point out the area of Austria where he lived. Even from such a high altitude the Alps were amazing. We flew over Iraq and could see a large dust storm progressing across the landscape. I couldn’t help but think about all of the military personnel and civilians below and what it would be like on the ground. From the perspective of thirty thousand feet it looked calm and tranquil despite the cloud of dust billowing in the air. We passed over Qatar- it is amazing to pass over these places that I only know from atlases. I thought about what might be going on, who was living there, and what they were thinking as our plane flew by. All in all I probably spent about thirty percent of the travel time looking out the window daydreaming. What a !

I remember dreading the nineteen hour travel time prior to the trip, but now I am really thankful for having that time to reflect, observe and be grateful for this experience.

So we landed at 2am Columbo time stepping into a world that I had imagined but had not imagined enough. Wow. There is so much here that is fascinating and unique that I can’t sleep. While everyone else is sleeping off jet lag I am here writing this blog. Only here twelve hours and I can tell stories of humidity (not unlike Baltimore in the summer), military checkpoints, tap-taps and oxen carts, markets opening in the early morning hours already attracting large crowds of shoppers. Shrines to Jesus,Mary, Joseph and of course Siddartha Guatama- the Buddha. I promise to take pictures today and upload them- my words aren’t doing this justice.

So this small act- the act of stepping on to a plane has taken me on the beginning of a great journey. Lying in bed this morning I examined my faith and realized that the stronger it grows the more confident I am in purpose.

Tomorrow: Shrines, Shrines and More Shrines…



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  1. 1

    Hisham said,

    I pretty much wasdrawing parallels to what I woud do on a long flight. Apart from checking the movie set in the inflight entertainment menu I would always have an eye on where we are flying over and relate to my (limited) knowledge on those places.

    Same way I was literally looking for Polar Bears while we flew over Alaska on the way to Tokyo and then once I was looking for Beduin Groups on the desert while flying over Saudi Arabia… Sounds very funny at 30,000 feet above but I seriously was. I was also hoping for a glimpse of a Cricket ground while flying over Johannesburg haha

    You will have a lot of things to see when you are in Colombo as well as other parts of Sri Lanka & I bet you will have a greater degree of perception change about the life here even if you have done a lot of homework prior to coming in

    See you soon Meg đŸ™‚

  2. 2

    Betsy Barton said,

    Meg and Damon!!!

    Thanks for the wonderful updates. Glad you made it there safe and sound…Keep reporting on everything…

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