Don’t Turn Your Back To’m!

One day last week we were visiting a town called Dambulla where there are ancient Buddhist cave temples. This site is quite amazing and a major tourist stop.  You have to hike up a relatively steep rock to get to the actual temples. On our way up we came across a vendor selling what I felt were some pretty interesting items.  I planned to  stop by on our way back down.

We got a tour of the temples which we’re really interesting. There’s nothing like these in the U.S.

On our way back down we stop at the vendor to take a closer look and do a little bargaining. After about 5 minutes we come to an agreement on the first item, and the vendor wraps it in newspaper print, puts it in a small plastic bag and gives it to me. We’re then bargaining on the second item, and I turn the other way to show my supposed lack of interest.

All of the sudden something hits in the chest, and Sheeni and Dharshi (our friends and hosts) scream! I thought someone tried to steal the gift I’d purchased, but then I looked down.  I’d been accosted by a monkey! He apparently thought that I had some type of food in the bag, jumped up and tried to nab it.

First of all, many of you may already know, I don’t like monkeys. They are evil little things and if you ask me not to be trusted. Don’t turn your back to a monkey! Ever since seeing those darn flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz, monkeys and I don’t mix. So who gets jumped on by a monkey? Me!


Dambulla Monkey


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